BSSF National Championship Races 5 and 6, and IFSS World Cup Event

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th February 2019

Pembrey Country Park




SA16 0EJ


Race Marshal: Matt Hammersley

Chief Judge: Rod Frost

Trail Boss: Mark Squires

Entry Fees

BSSF members £26 for single class entry (You will need your membership number to hand)

Non - members £36 for single class entry

Additional classes for members and non-members £15

Junior entries £5 for members and non-members, with additional entries free

Recreational class (Sat only) £1 per dog enter on the day

Please note that if you enter more than one class, whilst we will try to accommodate this in the start lists, we cannot guarantee there will be enough time for you to get round in time. As the second day’s starts are seeded based on the results on day one, we cannot alter these to accommodate you so please bear this in mind.

All entries are via our online system

Entries close MIDNIGHT 01/02/2019 – no late entries will be accepted.


Site is open from 12:00 (mid-day) Friday.

(You are able to walk the course after 14:00)

Follow the signs for Pembrey Country Park from the A484 road on the Kidwelly side of Pembrey, near Burry Port.


DR8 / DR8NB - No more than 8 dogs, no less than 5 (4 wheeled rigs, must have all wheels braking)

DR6; DR6NB; DR6NB other - No more than 6 dogs, no less than 4 (4 or 3 wheel rigs may be used, all wheels braking)

DR4; DR4NB; DR4NB other - No more than 4 dogs, no less than 3

DBM /DBW; DBMNB/DBWNB; DBMNB other/DBWNB other – 1 dog Bikejor, Men / Women (Elite/Veteran)

DS2; DS2NB; DS2NB other- 2 dog scooter (A 3 wheel rig may be used BUT all dogs MUST be 18 months old)

DS1; DS1NB; DS1NB other - 1 dog scooter

DCM/DCW; - 1 dog Canicross Men / Women (Elite/Veteran)

DR4J; DR4JNB; DR4JNB other 14 – 18 yrs - No more than 4 dogs, no less than 3

DBMJ Male junior Bikejor 16 -18

DBFJ Female junior Bikejor 16 -18

DCMJ; DCWJ - 1 dog Canicross 14 - 18yrsMale/Female

DCMY/DCFY - 1 dog Canicross 10 – 14 yrs

DCSB/DCSG - 1 dog Canicross 7 – 10 yrs (may be accompanied by an adult)

DS1J – 1 dog scooter junior 14 – 18 yrs

DR2J; DR2JNB; DR2JNB other – 2 dog rig, 12 – 14 years only

DR1J; DR1JNB; DR1JNB other – 1 dog rig, 8 – 12 years only

Recreational, non-timed canicross, scooter, bikejor or rig (max 8 dogs per team) Saturday only. Enter on the day

World Cup Points

Athletes with DID numbers will be eligible to gain World Cup points at this race.

Where necessary results of classes will be combined to give the relevant results. Please note you need to apply for a DID by 25th January at the latest to allow time for the IFSS to issue one in time for this race.

(DID numbers are published on the IFSS website when issued.)


The age of the athlete is taken from the age the athlete will be on the 31st of December at the end of that racing season, this age will be the athlete’s age for that full racing season (2019).

The age of a dog will be 18 months old for scooter and bikejor and 12 months old for all other classes from the first day of the race.

(Please note if you enter DS2 with a rig your dogs MUST be 18 months old)

Trail Description

All classes ( including DR4J)
3.2 miles +/- approx.

Juniors (11-14 years)
2.2 mile +/- approx.

1.3 Mile +/- for younger junior age groups.


08:00 Saturday 9/02/2019


09:00 Saturday, 08:00 Sunday (Subject to change, but will NOT be earlier)


COMPULSORY - a list will be available at the musher’s meeting. If time allows this will be posted on the BSSF website & Facebook pages

If you know of anybody that is interested in marshaling, please let us know


Camping without electric hook up is available and MUST be pre-booked and paid for in advance through the BSSF On this Page

There will be toilets, showers and catering on site. Vegetarian options will be available

No open fires or loose dogs are allowed on site.


To be confirmed


Details will be clearly posted and available at the event


Please read the IFSS rules before entering this race. These can be found on the IFSS website.

New antidoping rules may apply from 1st January 2019.

All competitors MUST be on site prior to the race starting, there will be no admittance once the race is under way. Spectators are welcome.

Course inspection:

Course inspection on foot (with 1 competing dog) or bicycle (without dogs) is allowed on Friday evening and Saturday morning before the competitors meeting.


Loose dogs are not allowed on the campsite or stakeout at any time. Please keep all dogs on leads.


RNB means Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Canadian Eskimo Dog, Greenland Dog or Samoyed. All RNB dogs must have the appropriate Kennel Club registration paperwork which you must bring to registration as evidence.


No further vaccinations are required for a domestic BSSF race other than basic inoculations

Borrowed Dogs:

If you are borrowing dogs, you must have written consent from the owner.


You must hold adequate insurance to race and evidence of this must be brought to registration please.

Selection Process:

Details of the qualification and selection process for the British Team can be found on our website. For qualification and selection purposes where a class doesn't exist amalgamation of results may be applicable.

Please remember to download and complete the additional forms required as part of the entry process and bring these to registration.

Competitor Waiver

Guardian consent form (for Juniors)

Chip List (one for each class entered and for all non-competing dogs.